Glory Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water - 5 Gallon

Glory Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water - 5 Gallon

$ 40.00

Glory Natural Alkaline Mineral Spring Water  - 5 Gallon BPA-Free plastic bottle


C.H.A. makes a difference!

CHA Water technology is a premier micro-clustered (also called clustered and structured) water with 3 additional health properties lifting it to HUNZA CLASS ALKALINE status. The only other source for water of similar quality is from the world’s highest mountains like the Andes or Himalayas.

1. A very important property of the HEALTHIEST waters of the world is CHARGE. Stream waters in the highest mountains and rain water when it is 
first formed all carry a negative charge. This charge is replicated in CHA Water and is one of the secrets to health and longevity enjoyed by several cultures around the world, like the Hunzas. Charge gives water an antioxidant property.


H - IS FOR HEXAGONAL (6 sided).
2. Water carries nutrients and oxygen into the cells and it takes wastes out. Small water clusters get into and out of the cell (6 or less), large clusters only pass on by. Normal tap water is randomly clustered or clumped together with most of the clusters too large 96-97% for cellular hydration. Compare this to the cool high mountain streams where the water clusters are small and the people there have optimal health. In the same way and due to our unique proprietary process, CHA Water’s small clusters 90%+, mostly hexagonal, get right into the cell. The di
fference can be felt, you will feel great.


3. CHA Water is highly alkaline with a pH range of 8.5 to 9.5 (50-500 times as alkaline as tap water) which serves to neutralize acids. This can not be measured with a pH test strip because it is an electrically charged water. Body acids are formed from wastes of cellular metabolism, stress, and from the average diet high in fats, sugars, etc. Acidity leads to many health problems. CHA Water alkalinity, like the pristine waters of the highest mountain streams, is nature’s solution to rid the body of acid wastes.

4. CHA Water’s fourth property is important as it was after adding this property that testimonies started coming in on CHA Water cleaning out people’s blood vessels.

5. CHA Water’s fifth property is proprietary but from both American and Russian research this property by itself extended the life span of lab animals 15-20%. It was discovered because the people who drank from these springs had less disease than the people around them.

6. CHA Water’s sixth property has several beneficial effects. It softens or eliminates skin callouses and energizes the cells while improving CHA Water’s taste.


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